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The Airius Mission


        Dr. Steve Smith, a public school superintendent, understands that the growth and expansion of technology today is out of control. Dr. Smith sees discipline problems rising in schools while student test scores are falling. He is aware of the dangers of technological addiction. He sees his wife and children and everyone else around him spending inordinate amounts of time on their cell phones and social media. 
        Dr. Smith like everyone else in America has an opinion about the effects technology is having on our lives today, and also how our lives will be affected good or bad by the upcoming Airius Satellite Mission. The Airius Mission will expand satellite coverage for Americans from coast to coast providing more affordable internet ability powered by its new nuclear communication platform, Skypad. Skypad will link all existing cell phones, emails, social media sites and most business systems together. According to the experts, The Airius Mission will reinvent how Americans communicate changing every aspect of our technological lives for the better.
        As the launch date of The Airius has arrived, the debate about its effects on society has intensified, making The Airius Mission the most talked about event of our time; debated in government offices, corporate boardrooms and households around the country, and on television, radio, and social media outlets from coast to coast.
        Everyone agrees the technology is amazing. But is our infatuation with technology making our lives better as it changes the way we communicate, or are we in reality becoming more disconnected

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