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            The Teacher

      Over the past two years my life, as is the case with many of our neighbors, has taken a dramatic turn.  As a small business person I have see our family businesses devastated by the global financial crisis, and I have watched as the work and the dreams of twenty years vanish before my eyes.  During that time, I have gone from the highests highs to the lowest lows, in what seemed like overnight.  This experience has caused me to question my faith in our country and our leadership.  Question my faith in myself. Question my faith in God.  As a result of that, I have found that when everything else in my life changed, that the love of my family, and the lessons that Jesus teaches in the gospels have remained the same.

    Play 2 Win - Live 2 Serve

      Travis Simpson is the All American boy and his dreams are beginning to unfold right before his eyes.  Then in an instant, life throws Travis a curve and everything changes. Travis finds himself suddenly in a dark and scary world filled with so many questions.  Then in the midst of what appears to be a tragedy, Travis sees God begin to use his life in new and wonderful ways. God rekindles the passion in Travis' life as he totally commits his life to Jesus and takes him on a journey he could have never imagined.

          Shades of Gray

       An Angel's Journal

      These words are a part of my journal.  These are my thoughts, my impression of what I have seen.  They are written to help you see the world that is beyond yourself, the eternal world of the spirit, the true reality.  The truth is, where you see yourself as flesh and blood, in your temporary home, your human bodies, I see you through the world of reality, the spirit world.  At times, you may feel alone, but I am here. I have healing power in my wings. I work along with the Holy Spirit to comfort you in your trials. When you call on Jesus, he will send me to help you in your troubles. Use my journal to explore the world in which I live, the eternal realm and to open your mind's eye to the possibility of reality.

Book no.1
Book no.2
Book no.3
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